Oracal 851 Glitter Metallic Cast Vinyl - Variety Color - 10 Pack 12x12

For your convenience we have selected 10 of the most popular colors of the Oracal 851 Glitter Metallic Cast Vinyl and bundled them into a pack of 12"x12" sheets.

Colors Included: Bridal Pink Lace Sparkle, Golden Knight Sparkle, Chiffon Mint Sparkle, Ghostly White Sparkle, Blooming Coral Sparkle, Golded Bell Sparkle, Intense Silver Sparkle, Golden Navel Sparkle, Frosted Lagood Sparkle, Sweet Almond Sparkle


Oracal 851 is developed for specialty applications where a unique, heavier metallic appearance is desired. This vinyl is perfect for unique, one of a kind decorative craft, monogram, and home decor applications.

It is ideal for application to smooth sealed/painted boards, aluminum, glassware, ceramic plates and mugs, automotive paint, plastic and metal tumblers, chalkboards, ornaments, windows, mirrors, etc.

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